The West Indian Marine Group is a Cayman Islands owned and operated group of companies established in 2002, consisting of marine, towage, salvage and shipping interests. West Indian Marine Group specializes in the following related operations:

• shipping • marine construction
• port agency • towage
• salvage • maritime support
• marine services • yacht management
The group primarily concentrates on shipping, marine services and marine contracting including marine construction in and around the Cayman Islands and the Western Caribbean.
The following companies comprise the Group:
West Indian Marine Ltd.
West Indian Towage Ltd.
West Indian Shipping Ltd.
West Indian Yacht Services Ltd.
West Indian Marine Group's offices are located in central George
Town, Grand Cayman, near the harbour front over looking the commercial cargo dock facilities and the cruise ship tender landings at Hog Sty Bay.

West Indian Marine Group
PO Box 31194
2nd Floor, Panton House,
24 Warwick Drive,
Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands
Tel:   1-345-9457126
Fax:  1-345-9450613
John MacKenzie
Managing Director
Cell: 1-345-9161555
AH:  1-345-9454869

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