West Indian Marine Ltd. is a marine contracting and marine services
company specializing in both light and heavy marine contracting,
shoreline construction, underwater construction together with a vast
array of marine and harbour services. The scope of the company's work includes marine services having long term contracts with Exxon/Mobil (Esso) and Chevron/Texaco providing:

• oil tanker support • pilotage
• towage • ship's lines
• vessel berthing • fire fighting
• pollution response • cargo hose handling
• emergency standby services • salvage
• wreck disposal • towage
• harbour ship assist • buoy tendering
• dredge tendering • underwater construction
• underwater repairs • emergence support + rescue
• submarine cables • marine maintenance and
• Commercial divers

In addition to general marine services, West Indian Marine carries out
the heavy marine construction and maintenance of:

• docks • marinas
• concrete capped steel sheet
piling seawalls
• hurricane moorings

the installation and maintenance of:

• vessel moorings • navigational aids
• channel markers • coastal shore protection
• beach re-nourishment • "Reef Ball" artificial reefs
• power and communication cables • submarine power cables
• beach stabilization &
protection systems
• marine structures


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